Hi Dr Price,

My name is Lara and I had join the STEAM camp and aerospace camp this past summer. I want to give all the wonderful saff a big THANK YOU and share what I learned from both of camps.


I learned so many things at STEAM camp! I learned about renewable energy and we made a wind turbine and smores' using a solar oven. I learned about technology using Tinkercad and Apex to do 3D printing, and I made a cute robot! We also learned coding using Scratch. I learned engineering when we made a special case to protect our egg. Mine made it to the second level!!!!!! Wow, that's so cool experiences !  We made little art projects such as the cute bookmark and the solar clock for fun. We also went on many tours. I learned about aircraft when we went to the wind tunnel tour. It is used to test minature models of the aircraft to see if it can withstand the pressures of the outside world. I learned about biology and animals on our BioTrek tour. We even got to pet a gecko and a few snakes! I learned anout new and innotive ways to build houses, have natural air conditioning, and many other things. on Friday we went to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. I learned many cool and interesting facts about marine bilology, and I even learned why Dana Point is called Dana Point.


Aerospace camp was very fun too. We learned about coding in Scratch and how to use the circuit board Arduino Hummingbird. We also went to went to the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. I learned so about the designing,testing, launching of many space modules including the Apollo spacecrafts and the space shuttles. I also learned about how the mall near the space center was home to the company that built part of the Apollo space crafts. 


I want to give a special thank you to Ms. Annick. She is very kind an thoughtful pretty lady. She is very organized and took care of every member of the group.( even my mom ). She encourages us to learn about try and learn about the STEAM fields. Mr. Moses was very cool and funny. He makes everybody very happy and is very knowledgable too. I believe he must be a very excellent engineer and creat new science career soon. Ms. Melanie is super sweet big sister. She is so positive and caring. She even concerned for all the members' thoughts and feelings. Ms. Betty is a hard worker and makes sure everybody follows the rules and procedures. At the same time, she gives everybody warm encouragement.


 I am super lucky and had so many fabulous and excellent experiences with  amazing groups. It allows me to more understand what STEAM is all about. It also allowed me to meet may good models/ teachers/ scientists/ group leaders. Doing these challenging projects with other classmates is an unforgettable and incredible experience in this summer. Thanks all of you do for us, especially me.


Best regards