STEAM Testimonials

Testimony from a former camper:

My name is Lara and I participated in the STEAM camp and aerospace camp this past summer. I want to give all the wonderful staff a big THANK YOU and share what I learned from both of camps.

I learned so many things at STEAM camp! I learned about renewable energy and we made a wind turbine and smores' using a solar oven. I learned about technology using Tinkercad and Apex to do 3D printing, and I made a cute robot! We also learned coding using Scratch. I learned engineering when we made a special case to protect our egg. Mine made it to the second level!!!!!

Aerospace camp was very fun too. We learned about coding in Scratch and how to use the circuit board Arduino Hummingbird. We also went to went to the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey. I learned so about the designing,testing, launching of many space modules including the Apollo spacecrafts and the space shuttles. I also learned about how the mall near the space center was home to the company that built part of the Apollo space crafts.

 I am super lucky and had so many fabulous and excellent experiences with  amazing groups. It allows me to more understand what STEAM is all about. It also allowed me to meet may good models/ teachers/ scientists/ group leaders. Doing these challenging projects with other classmates is an unforgettable and incredible experience in this summer. Thanks all of you do for us, especially me.

Testimony from a parent:

I want to thank you again for allowing my kids to be part of Cal Poly’s summer camps. Your staff have been exceptional throughout the whole program...My kids really enjoyed the camps. The camps have allowed them the wonderful opportunity to explore and experience the aerospace and agriculture industry. Without these camps, my kids and other kids would have been denied a summer of fun, learning and new discoveries.
Thank you so much to everyone for making the camps one that they will remember.