S.T.E.A.M. News

As our program grows, we hope to reach more and more students to bring awareness and education to them about the STEAM fields. Many students are unaware how fun and diverse the STEAM fields are, so our mission is to connect with as many students and families as possible. We hope to inspire every young mind we encounter to pursue a career in these fields. We believe in bringing STEAM to every student!

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As the 2017-2018 school year wrapped up the STEAM Mobile was going full STEAM ahead. The STEAM Team had the opportunity to visit 13 events engaging over 10,000 elementary through college age students. The goal is to make sure students and underrepresented groups have a chance to take an interest in and be inspired by the S.T.E.A.M. fields.

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First and foremost, we took the STEAM Mobile on a road trip to San Diego! We were excited to connect with our staff members down there, and we attended several awesome and impactful events. We look forward to bringing the STEAM Mobile to more events in the San Diego Area!

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With a focus on middle school, grades 6th - 8 th, NCRF and Cal Poly Pomona joined forces to provide two separate STEAM camps hosted on the beautiful Cal Poly Pomona campus. Young minds were able to explore different fields and expand beyond the typical classroom setting in a fun summer camp environment.

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Campers completed the Paper Roller Coaster Challenge! Each team was given 6 pieces of paper and a 3 foot strand of tape. The objective; to design a rollercoaster with the longest time traveled by a ping pong ball.

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