Our Mission

To Ignite

National College Resources Foundation seeks to to curtail the high school dropout rate and increase degree and/or certificate enrollment among underserved and underrepresented students. For the Students Think STEAM Initiative, one of our aims is to get students (in particular women and students of color) interested in the STEAM fields. Historically, these fields have been dominated by 

To Excite

Most kids know about standard career choices, such as being a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. However, many students do not know about fun and fulfilling careers such as 3D Design, Gameplay/Software Engineering, or Cosmetic Processing. Although kids these days are interested in things like makeup or video games, they're not often aware that they can have a lucrative career doing what they already love. 

To Build

Far too often, we encounter students that have been discouraged from following their dreams. We've heard stories from children that have been told that they cannot have a job in the STEAM fields because of their background. Our initiative was created to empower students and show them that anything is possible.